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- All Boars in our stud are used on our sows and are not just boars for semen sales.
- Normal collection days are Monday and Thursday
- Cancellation must be done by 9:00 am CST
- AI Certificates $25.00/each
- Special rates for semen contracts, commercial semen, and non-specific semen
- Overrun rates 20% off after 12 noon, upon request
- Additional charges($10) apply to COD accounts
- UPS Next Day Air $65.00/shipment
- All semen purchases will be pre-paid, shipped COD, or paid via credit card unless prior
credit has been established.


Yorkshire Boars  
Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
Thumbs Up
Same dam as our $55,000 TAKE NOTICE at Crossroads

Reg. # 553909008
Simply put the stoutest and most powerful boar we've created in one impressive package.  His huge open feet are the base to enormous legs.  He's really opened up thru his center and base all the way.  His extra thick top is only accentuated by his powerful square rump (very similar to TAKE NOTICE) and rear end.  His topline is flawless, unlike many power hogs.  He's got good shoulder height and can carry his head like show hogs need to.  We are confident that he'll be a great generator of hogs like him.  He's no fluke, just one or two steps more of the best, of our best.
His littermate sister was a double winner at the WPX. There was only one other York gilt that won classes in both the Junior and Open shows and she is now the record seller at $36,000.



Olsen Yorks



Thumbs UpThumbs Up

Reg. # 554011007
Rear legs just don't get any better than this.  Huge feet with superb toes, true tracking and correct set and flex to his hock.  He's wide in his chest and has some belly.  Add to that, a great top and plenty of shape.  His stout head is carried high.  His prepotent mother is a littermate to the damof our $55,000 Duncan Champion, TAKE NOTICE at Crossroads.  In 77-9's first litter she produced our popular $4750 gilt at Duncan.  We'll breed to this guy with great confidence.



Olsen Yorks



Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up
Shakin Hands x Snowcat

Reg.# 548224010

Semen $100/dose

This $32,000 Indiana State Fair Champion certainly set himself apart with his great balance and tremendous power, on a near perfect skeleton.
His exceptional base width and squareness is superseded only by his mesmerizing rear feet, legs and dewclaws with perfect alignment.

Genetically this guy is also set apart from the crowd with his unique pedigree. Not surprising there are several great looking, highly productive
females backing this boar. Two littermates to his dam produced herd boars for Rory Duelm and Shaffer's Gold Rush.

Co-Owned with Grimm



Olsen Yorks




Reg. # 550973007


We think this guy has great breeding value. He's super tall fronted with a high head carriage. He's extra strong and full behind his blade. He's got that square top and rump shape needed to make barrows. His center rib has great shape and width. Check out his base width and that should complete the barrow making package. All that and from a mother that laid down and had 18 pigs




Olsen Yorks

Herb 2 Bruno
Banchee x Starbuck
Reg.# 541151005

Semen $75/dose

We think we found one here in this son of Banchee(Thompson Brothers).
His dam is a littermate to the Starbuck barrow that was Grand at both the 2012 WPX and STC for Feckes.
His skeleton is wide and flexible. He comes at you with width and a massive rib. His extra square rump and rear end
should be a good fix for the "Too round" ones. He's stout with big legs and really big feet. Just study the picture and
notice how he sets all four feet to the ground. The combination of this guy's looks and the powerful genetic background make him a solid bet.






Joe Cool Joe Cool Joe Cool

Joe Cool

Reg.# 353328002

Semen $150/dose

When we set out to find a Duroc boar with super duty structure, we didn't really think we'd find one with legs and feet as enormous as this guy's.  And to top it off, he's extra wide open, big hipped, and square legged.  We have yet to see a Duroc boar this summer as heavy structured.  Check out his huge forearm and great hind leg.  His dam's impeccable structure and makeup are truly impressive.  This is the second herdsire we've selected out of this great sow.  His sire, Challenger, just sired the $18,000 top selling Reserve Champion gilt at the STC.  Plus, Joe Cool's littermate gilt was the Champion Duroc gilt at the Iowa State Fair FFA show.





Big Wheels Big Wheels

Big Wheels
Buck Naked x Tribute
Reg.# 345913002

Semen $100/dose

What an intriguing breeding piece we have in this red boar. With this guy's huge feet, stout skull and massive blade in a linebred package, his generating ability should be exciting. His skeleton is moderate sized and wide, which we have found hard to find in Durocs. He's got a great top with a deep rib and flank. His muscle is thick, yet not round in his makeup. We're expecting something special in his offspring.





Olsen yorks

Olsen Yorks
Reg. # 348794007


This one can make the Duroc breed better for the long haul. Fix your hock problems, fix your soundness, fix small feet, fix skeletal squareness, fix sow production. When you get that done, you'll win gilt shows and be set up to make winning barrows. ULTRA 226-7's mother is a littermate to the mother of the 2014 San Antonio Champion Duroc gilt that also won the SWTC at Belton. Another littermate 229 gilt was Reserve at the 2012 SWTC. And dam 229-4 has never failed to produce our best in her first four litters. Most recently, a gilt from her January litter was our $5250 high seller in our last online sale. I could fill the page with the prominence of the four 229 littermate sows, but believe me, the breeding value doesn't get much better anywhere.




Hamp Boars  
Pinstripe Pinstripe

Pin Stripe
Point Maker x Hypnotic
Reg.# 480818004

Semen $100/dose

This pure Hamp boar has been mistaken for a cross more than once.
His incredible power and mass is laid on a square, stout skeleton.
His agility just adds to his appealing design and correct makeup.
This guy has to be one of Point Maker's best.




Icon 67-5

Icon 67-5

Semen $150/dose

If you want to use a square boxy boar with huge legs and feet, here he is.  He should downsize, power up and widen whatever he's bred to.  A front end like his is extremely rare on a hog like this.  A real changer here.

Bred by Stohlquist
Stress Carrier






Square Pants Square Pants Square Pants

Square Pants
Monster Stick x Botox

Semen $100/dose

We feel fortunate to have landed one of our favorites from the Crossbred Classic.
This guy's stout build on that square skeleton and a natural heads up look really got our attention. His extra thick square rump and rear end is matched by his thick square front end. He moves effortlessly and stands on big square feet and toes with strong pasterns. Last year his dam produced boars that sold for $29,000 and $11,000 at the Crossbred Classic. And of course his sire, Monster Stick sired RW's $65,000 Crossbred Classic entry this year. Plus, Monster Stick's famous sibs - Top Cut's $160,000 Colossal and Paramount, Moyer's Big Monster, Monster Mania, and In the Blood have proven themselves well. We like his chances.

Bred by Michael Hines
Stress Negative






Olsen Yorks
Olsen Yorks Olsen Yorks

Swag 69


This SWAGGER son should give you those pigs that wow you with their muscle and still have the ability to go and go in the showring. He's really opened up in the floor of his chest and gives you a clean classic "look". From a great litter. One littermate sold to Ottenwalter and another was put in Whitmans herdsire pens.

Bred by RW Genetics
Stress Carrier







Olsen Yorks


After seeing so many good pigs sired by this boar in the last couple years, we decided to try to get him in our herdsire pens.
Thanks to Power Point. He's as tall fronted as one can be. He's got super strength behind his blade and has a great top.
His rear legs are true to the ground and good set and flex to them as are his front legs.
True breeding value with this one.

Bred by Kirk Swanson
Stress Negative