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- All Boars in our stud are used on our sows and are not just boars for semen sales.
- Normal collection days are Monday and Thursday
- Cancellation must be done by 9:00 am CST
- AI Certificates $25.00/each
- Special rates for semen contracts, commercial semen, and non-specific semen
- Overrun rates 20% off after 12 noon, upon request
- Additional charges($10) apply to COD accounts
- UPS Next Day Air $75.00/shipment
- All semen purchases will be pre-paid, shipped COD, or paid via credit card unless prior
credit has been established.


Yorkshire Boars  
Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up
Same dam as our $55,000 TAKE NOTICE at Crossroads

Reg. # 553909008
Simply put the stoutest and most powerful boar we've created in one impressive package.  His huge open feet are the base to enormous legs.  He's really opened up thru his center and base all the way.  His extra thick top is only accentuated by his powerful square rump (very similar to TAKE NOTICE) and rear end.  His topline is flawless, unlike many power hogs.  He's got good shoulder height and can carry his head like show hogs need to.  We are confident that he'll be a great generator of hogs like him.  He's no fluke, just one or two steps more of the best, of our best.
His littermate sister was a double winner at the WPX. There was only one other York gilt that won classes in both the Junior and Open shows and she is now the record seller at $36,000.

Olson Yorks


Thumbs Up
Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Reg. # 554011007
Rear legs just don't get any better than this.  Huge feet with superb toes, true tracking and correct set and flex to his hock.  He's wide in his chest and has some belly.  Add to that, a great top and plenty of shape.  His stout head is carried high.  His prepotent mother is a littermate to the damof our $55,000 Duncan Champion, TAKE NOTICE at Crossroads.  In 77-9's first litter she produced our popular $4750 gilt at Duncan.  We'll breed to this guy with great confidence.


Olson Yorks


Mr. Ideal

Mr. Ideal
Reg. # 564247002


This guy is just IDEAL in his skeletal size, angles(shoulder, front leg and especially hock set) and squareness to ground.
He's got the IDEAL boar head and muscle makeup. His pasterns are still really good at 10 months when this picture was taken and
as good as they are, he should be able to help fix those that are too soft. This guy's pedigree is full of predictable and reliable
productive show quality hogs.





Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear
Reg. # 358537002


This linebred RED boar is destined to be an elite barrow sire with also the ability to sire show barrow making mamas.
His near flawless makeup is made even more impressive with his great muscle shape and cocky heads up "look". He has great range of motion
and that should really help in those long championship drives. And his picture shows how wide and square he plants his legs with strong pasterns
and clean hocks. His linebred pedigree is stacked on both sides with Full Shift and Yak II. His pigs should look good young (which will make them
more marketable) and throughout their life, as he did.


Olsen Yorks


Big Wheels Big Wheels

Big Wheels
Buck Naked x Tribute
Reg.# 345913002

Semen $100/dose

What an intriguing breeding piece we have in this red boar. With this guy's huge feet, stout skull and massive blade in a linebred package, his generating ability should be exciting. His skeleton is moderate sized and wide, which we have found hard to find in Durocs. He's got a great top with a deep rib and flank. His muscle is thick, yet not round in his makeup. We're expecting something special in his offspring.



Hamp Boars  
Locksmith Locksmith Locksmith

Pin Stripe
Reg.# 486500003

Semen $100/dose

We feel very fortunate to have found this square made Hamp boar.  His structure is as good as we've seen in Hamps with his foot quality, clean joints, square legs and true movement.  His rear leg set is ideal and has a great shoulder laid in. 
His pasterns are very good with his feet being big, open and even toed.  A Hamp boar like this is rare. 
Use LOCKSMITH to unlock the door to your HAMPSHIRE future.




Thug 4-4
AJ Thug
Bone Thug x Toxic 15-1


If he sires like he looks, he'll sire lots of Champions.
  Champion barrows need to be near faultless with a bit of WOW.
  The WOW factor comes from his extra shoulder height and his great rear legs with flex and push. 
His ability to go and go can only help the cause in those long championship drives.
  A real plus, with this boar, is with his daughters.  He comes from a long line of superior barrow making sows.
Bred by AJ Williams
Stress Negative




Olsen Yorks


After seeing so many good pigs sired by this boar in the last couple years, we decided to try to get him in our herdsire pens.
Thanks to Power Point. He's as tall fronted as one can be. He's got super strength behind his blade and has a great top.
His rear legs are true to the ground and good set and flex to them as are his front legs.
True breeding value with this one.

Bred by Kirk Swanson
Stress Negative