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- New Olsen guarantee on Purebred semen.  Purebred semen purchased at full listed price is guaranteed    to settle.  Semen will be replaced, if available, as long as we are notified within 30 days of shipment    date. You only pay the shipment fee.
- All Boars in our stud are used on our sows and are not just boars for semen sales.

- Normal collection days are Monday and Thursday
- Cancellation must be done by 9:00 am CST
- AI Certificates $25.00/each
- Special rates for semen contracts, commercial semen, and non-specific semen
- Overrun rates 20% off after 12 noon, upon request
- Additional charges($10) apply to COD accounts
- UPS Next Day Air $75.00/shipment
- All semen purchases will be pre-paid, shipped COD, or paid via credit card unless prior
  credit has been established.


Yorkshire Boars
Taylor Made
Above - pictured at 1½ years old.
Taylor Made
Taylor Made Taylor Made Taylor MAde

eTaylor Made
White Rhino x Backwoods
Reg. # 570441008


* $45,000 Top Selling 2015 Indiana State Fair Reserve Champion Yorkshire Boar
* Proclaimed by many to be the York boar of the year.
* Exceptional rump length
* Heavy structured
* Great rear leg set
* Big footed with good pasterns
* Generating boar head
* Perfect size
* Great depth
* Siring extra good
* This boar needs to be used more for the betterment of the breed.


Olson Yorks

Reg. # 592539006

Yorkshire Hog College Boar - 2016 NBS

Appropriately named considering his natural heads up "look at me" attitude to compliment his flashy muscle shape.  He was the popular College Choice of all breeds as selected by the judging teams at the NBS.  He struts like a champion and securely plants and drives off those rear legs like we wish they all would.  His body build is so impressive with great chest width, squareness of skeleton, and an immense amount of muscle.  His toes are even, his pasterns are ideal, all four legs set squarely.  His top is so strong and powerful, his big rib is square high and low with extra center width.  What's truly impressive is the fact that four of the six barrows in Western Illiniois Champion truckload at the NBS were his littermates.  SHOWOFF should be a genetic giant when it comes to siring champion barrows. The gilts will be just fine too.

Olson Yorks

Reg.# 568822005

Sired Champion Yorkshire Barrow at 2016 Indiana State Fair

SURGE is the most special son of POWER ON 282-7 that we've raised and better in many ways than his daddy. He really excels in the very unique combination of being square made, tall shouldered, and massive bodied. I can't help but admire how clean necked he is with the power of his upper forerib all the way back to his square rump. Even with his excellent width he's got great shape to the center of his body and yet deep thru his rib and flank. (no tube rib here) This guy can help those sows that are too straight in their rear legs, his set is excellent. His toes and pasterns are good. SURGE was destined for our herd boar pens early on, just ask Michael Lackey what he looked like in the nursery. His BRUNO x NET WORTH mama farrowed unassisted 10 born live in this, her first litter.

SURGE's first offspring solD

$8500 Gilt
$6750 Gilt
$6050 Gilt
$5050 Gilt
$1900 Barrow
$1500 Barrow
$1400 F1 Gilt
$1100 F1 Boar
Olson Yorks
CDO5 He's It 276-8

Reg. # 370362008


When a boar pig has the "look", the squareness, the foot size and quality, the shoulder height, the front end, the shape, the soundness and sired by the hottest Duroc boar in the country - I guess HE'S IT. Considering how good his whole litter was and how his mother and her littermate sister have generated and performed for us, he was pegged as a herdsire prospect at a very young age. Especially being he was the best in a litter that was stacked with quality and consistency. Four littermates averaged $2906 in our February pig sale. Not only was this litter outstanding, but his mother has hit with every boar she's been mated to and her pigs have averaged over $2600 from her first three litters. Even though we consider HE'S IT to be a very good "barrow sire", he should sire excellent females. His mother and her littermate sister have farrowed a total of 75 pigs with 73 live with no problems and excellent mothering.


impeccable X vortex
Reg. # 368436002


Here's a real breeding hog and we're thrilled to get him.  He's got a huge center rib, massive blade and a he man skull.  His huge legs set square and
are supported by big feet with strong pasterns.  He moves with reach and length of stride (which is rare in the Duroc breed) and his rear legs have the
set needed for that to happen.  He's truly heavy structured and is really impressive as he comes and goes.  His shoulder height is excellent and his neck
is clean for todays demand.  We feel this guy can really impact our herd and the breed if given the chance.      


Hamp Boars

Reg. # 493217001


Ben found a real "breeding" hog at the Indiana State Fair where he was named Reserve Junior Champion.
"Breeding" hogs need to be able to make positive change and this guy should be able to OVERHAUL Hamps. He's got a "breeding" boar's head.
His chest floor is busted open. His chine sits deep between his square set blades. His top is square and powerful, yet flexible. His extra stout legs
are supported by great toes and big feet. His dewclaws are set wide and yet short (like they should be). He handles his square set legs securely and
has excellent range.




Reg. # 488166014


  * Tall shoulder, runs uphill
* Big center rib
* Square legged with great set, range and push
* Stout headed
* Excellent sows on both sides


Many time Champion Hamp and Top 5 Overall Gilt - Iowa Jackpot Circuit
Shown by Voegele Family
Raised by Voegele and Nordmann






  * Tremendous build
* Square legged
* Cool fronted
* Perfect barrow size
* Extra rib and body
* Stress Negative


Real Deal Real Deal Real Deal



This guy is the REAL DEAL. No smoke and mirrors here. He's true to his form.
Big chested, wide walking, thick and powerfully muscled, stout featured with big legs, tall fronted with an exceptionally wide, strong back. His scan figures match his look, at 385#, .62 BF, 11.2 LEA, all in a stress negative package. His mother is a real generator. She has produced over $100,000 in offspring, including the Champion Barrow at the 2014 Missouri State Fair and a herdsire at WINTEX Farms. If you want to add REAL power, width, and bone, without sacrificing "look", use the REAL DEAL.

Stress Negative