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- New Olsen guarantee on Purebred semen.  Purebred semen purchased at full listed price is guaranteed    to settle.  Semen will be replaced, if available, as long as we are notified within 30 days of shipment    date. You only pay the shipment fee.
- All Boars in our stud are used on our sows and are not just boars for semen sales.

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- AI Certificates $30.00/each
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  credit has been established.


Yorkshire Boars

Reg. # 608122005


$27,000 Top Selling York Boar 2017 Indiana State Fair

If you want to position yourself to win future barrow shows and do it quickly, PROPEL has the look and heritage needed.  His look features a super clean, tall front end with a square, ditched top of a power hog.  This guy's rear legs are flat outstanding.  His set, flex, drive and position under his body is just what we desire of those rear legs.  His big toes add to the stability and ability to sire better rear ends.  Watch the video to see how rear feet and legs should work.  PROPEL'S overall balance and design is impressive.  His heritage really shines thru his look.  That combination of TOTAL CONTROL and HIGH COUNTRY has dominated the barrow shows where they've been exhibited.  Hoge and Weisinger believed so much in this boar that they bought 1/3 back.  PROPEL yourself to the future.



Max Max

Reg. # 596822003


MAX is as square built, as wide based, as big footed and as stout featured as we've ever put together on a tall shouldered, big topped, massive bodied York boar. His legs plant square, track square and his rear legs have ideal set. It's rare to find big feet and strong pasterns like he's got. This is the genetic blend of two of the most successful bloodlines recently. MAX's mother, 86-4, is an easy breeder, good farrower and milks with our best, proven by her 112.6 SPI (Sow Productivity Index).

Olson Yorks



Proven Journey Proven Journey
3 Years Old 3 Years Old

Proven Journey
2 Years Old

Reg. # 563566003


It's rare when a York boar surfaces that is extreme in so many traits without falling apart. I don't think I've ever seen a boar with rear legs so huge, yet so correct and flexible (like he has springs in those rear legs). On the other end of his skeleton is his highly desirable stout head and clean neck coming high off his tall shoulders. He's as choke throated as any anywhere of any breed. What really sets him apart (from other ultra clean necked ones) is his big wide centered rib and a flank with extra depth. His chest floor is opened up, he's wide backed, and his long square rump is ultimate.

The dam of PROVEN JOURNEY is a pure York gilt that won her class in the 2013 Crossbred show at Indiana. This foundation female also produced the Reserve Champion Yorkshire Gilt at the 2016 NJSA Southeast Regional in Georgia. As his name implies, PROVEN JOURNEY has already sired Champions, including the Champion Yorkshire Gilt at the 2016 Indiana State Fair. His first pig was the Grand Champion Breeding Gilt at the 2015 WYCE and was the Grand Champion Market Gilt on day 2 at WYCE. Most recently, he sired the Reserve Champions in both the Jr. and Open shows at the 2017 WTC.
Thanks to Funkhouser's for sharing this PROVEN sire of champions.

Proven Journey Proven Journey
Champion Yorkshire Gilt
2016 Indiana State Fair
Sired by: Proven Journey
Grand Breeding Gilt
WYCE Day 1
Grand Market Gilt
WYCE Day 2
Sired by: Proven Journey



Olson Yorks



Quite frankly, when our $37,000 contending bid failed to get Norman's boar bought at the Fall Classic, I was very discouraged.  I then found out Norman's had a littermate at home that they spoke of quite highly.  In all reality, I was interested, but I also know that littermates can have very little in common and could breed on very differently.  The really encouraging fact with these littermates is their mother, one of the most noteworthy and prepotent sows in the breed, the mother of HE'S THE ONE and several other herdsires.  Their sire, ATTENTION, certainly has left his mark in siring structure.  I felt the genetic matchup was as good as it gets.  When I finally got out to Norman's, I found this 54-4 boar - not with the mass, flesh or maturity of the boar we admired at Duncan.  However, I did find 54-4 to have the look of a genetic mover.  With his unusual elevation to his front end (without being too straight), with his super feet, super hocks, super hip angle, super flex and set to his rear legs, super reach and later maturity - I believe he will move us quickly to the future Durocs of distinction.


Reg.# 377491002


When a boar pig has the "look", the squareness, the foot size and quality, the shoulder height, the front end, the shape, the soundness and sired by the hottest Duroc boar in the country - I guess HE'S IT. Considering how good his whole litter was and how his mother and her littermate sister have generated and performed for us, he was pegged as a herdsire prospect at a very young age. Especially being he was the best in a litter that was stacked with quality and consistency. HE'S IT 215-2 is a full brother to HE'S IT 276-8.  Their mothers are littermate sisters, 299-3 and 299-1.  It's amazing and very advantageous for predictability that the full brothers are so similar in their builds.  HE'S IT 215-2 is somewhat heavier structured with more set and flex to his rear legs.  In fact, his rear legs are as good as any I've seen in the breed.  Because of those rear legs, along with his great build, he replaced 276-8 in our herdsire pens.  276-8 has sired exceptionally well (the Drake Hook Duroc gilt that's won on the Iowa Circuit) and we expect 215-2 to sire similarily with even more and better structure.  Even though we consider HE'S IT to be a very good "barrow sire", he should sire excellent females. His mother and her littermate sister have farrowed a total of 75 pigs with 73 live with no problems and excellent mothering.

sired by he's it

13 Times Breed Champion and 9 Times Grand or Reserve Overall
2017 Iowa Jackpot Circuit


Hamp Boars
Pepper  Pepper

Reg. # 495555002


This purebred Hampshire boar is as close to perfection as any Hamp boar I've seen, yet has features of a real breeding hog. His skull, his feet, his bone, his rib, his belly, his shoulders and his overall shape are all extra features that fit. And add to that his square topline and square, wide underside. His ideal set to both his front and rear legs make it easy for him to stride right with stamina. And for the traditional Hamp enthusiast you get a black nose and high quality teats. Everyone want to make Hamps without all the problems, try using one without the problems.


Stress negative


During the SWTC in Belton, a group of us went down to visit Craig Bauman with Schenken Genetics. During the tour, this Belted Cross 5-2 boar came at us with his "breeding hog" boar head, big square toes, perfectly aligned legs (with great joints), natural high head carriage, tall shoulder and a bit bigger than average skeleton. Even in his working clothes, his top was still square and had good rib shape. He was purchased in HEIMER'S Chosen Ones sale. I was thinking, "wow this could really be a great breeding hog". Long story short, I couldn't find a boar at Belton that I wanted more than the one I'd seen at Craig's, especially considering his desirable genetic makeup.
Thank you Craig for working with us on this one.